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Before Doctor Alex could really begin a full examination on his cute Asian boy patient, Kenny had seduced the doctor into bareback gay sex right there in the medical exam room. Things got side tracked as our new gay Asian Doctor got too horny too soon with this sexy Asian gay boy. Both doctor and patient regain their composure (only temporarily), and Doctor Alex dresses himself again to complete the anal medical exam.

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When the producers ofDoctor Twink examines cute Asian gay boy for gay sex. Doctor Twink started filming cute gay Pinoy boys, I was extremely happy about this change. For years they hired Thai boys. Don’t get me wrong, the gay Thai boys are cute, but they seem to lack the personality and passion that the Filipino gay boys have. Maybe it’s the new director who has made the gay Asian fetish scenes more exciting. Bottom line, the quality and action is much better now. And there’s a realism about the scenarios that the older scenes don’t have.


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And if you’re not so much into the fantasy of the horny doctor fucks cute patient, no worries. By the time they are bareback fucking, they all have their clothes off, and you can’t tell who’s a doctor or patient. It’s two sexy gay Asian boys fucking.

Kinky gay Asian sex in the medical exam roomSo in this scene, they have a new Pinoy gay boy playing the doctor. It’s Alex, and in my humble opinion, he is the most convincing as a doctor. And they have Kenny Cruz, a very cute and sexy Asian gay boy on the medical exam table who is waiting for Doctor Alex to examine him. Doctor Alex enters, and when he takes a look at this adorable gay Asian twink, he wastes no time getting him naked.

Kenny has this look about him that just screams “Fuck me”. He is obviously a horny young Filipino boy who loves gay sex. And I believe Doctor Alex has received that signal and is ready to prescribe a hearty bareback fucking treatment.

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